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Basset Training Hanover Park

Who must take the BASSET Certificate training and exam in Hanover Park?

In  Hanover Park, Illinois, any employee who directly sells or serves alcohol is required to take a BASSET (Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training) class and pass a certification exam. This applies no matter if the person works in a bar, caterer, country club, golf course,  grocery store,  hotel, restaurant, or just a one-time event In Hanover Park. Illinois Liquor Control Commission Public Act 99-0046 require an up-to-date certificate for any servers in Illinois.  Step Solution is a recognized and approved provider of Basset in Hanover Park.


Step Solution will train employees conveniently on-site at your location. We offer both BASSET  and T.I.P.S. training for groups of 10 or more.  Each 4-hour training session features complete instruction, interaction, visual aids and an open question and answer time.   

TIPS® is a custom alcohol awareness program and an approved BASSET provider by the State of IL. It is recognized and accepted in Hanover Park.  TIPS® certification is also valid and widely accepted by many bars and restaurants nationwide, just as it is the by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.

We do not provide online BASSET Training since it is not universally accepted. So, all our training is live and in-person.

ALL seller/servers in Illinois must renew their BASSET certification every 3 years (or less, if local ordinance requires it). It is your responsibility to be sure certification is up to date.

About STEPS BASSET / TIPS Training:  Sellers/servers must pass a required exam at the end of training. Each 4-hour training & testing session ends with a certification exam. Upon successful completion, each fully certified seller/server receives a temporary ID. The official ID card is usually mailed by the State of Illinois within a few weeks. There’s no age requirement to take BASSET training, but local ordinances on age of sellers/servers vary in each municipality so before registering for training, we recommend you check your local ordinances.

Group discount are available for 11 or more participants.
Call us at 630/787-1002 or email us and we’ll provide you with a complete per participant rate.